Additional fees


Students enrolled in the PGA Golf Management program incur additional fees that cover fees associated with the PGA of America education program as well fees associated with access to the University Golf Course (golf and range access). These fees are distributed over the student's collegiate career and are charged to the student's university account. This approach allows for scholarships, grants, and financial aid to assist in covering these fees. The associated fees are as follows:

PGA Golf Management Program

  • Entering student fee (one-time fee that will be included in addition to semester fees)
    • Freshmen - $900
    • Transfer - $1,300

Semester PGA Golf Management Fees

Each semester a student is on campus they will be responsible for paying a $800 semester fee. This fee is comprised of the following expenses:

PGA of America curriculum fees $400
University Golf Course access fees (golf and range) $400
Semester Total $800          

PGA Player Ability Test (PAT)

  • Fees vary by location. The University Golf Course offers the PAT twice (2) per year.

Register for PAT

Other MSU Fees

  • Normal semester tuition fees  View specific tuition costs
  • Out-of-state tuition where applicable
  • PGA Affiliate Fee - $50 (annual)
  • Student Association Fee - $60 (per semester)
  • Co-op fees - $25 (per semester when on a cooperative work experience)
    • Tuition and semester fees are not charged while on the cooperative work experience
  • Graduation fee - $50 (one time fee)
  • Background Check for PGA Membership - $60 (one time fee)
    • Required by the PGA Constitution for all individuals applying for PGA membership. Results of the background check are confidential and available for PGA of America staff only.


* all fees are subject to change